La Dolce Visa is your passport to La Dolce Vita.

It’s your way into enjoying life to the full.

Some people may think that the best life has to offer is always expensive. And if you are poor, then you will never experience La Dolce Vita. The musicians in this project know that’s not true. Some aspects of the good life are free … a walk in the park … the smile on the face of your child, your family or friends … the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

We like to collect ingredients from our own garden when we are cooking.
We also enjoy walking, and listening to the sounds of an empty or sleeping city – like the sharp and clear song of a sparrow reflected between the buildings .

And food and drink does not have to cost a lot to count as being part of La Dolce Vita. Sometimes it is the skill and imagination which creates special dishes – not a list of costly ingredients. Generations of poor people all over the world have come up with splendidly satisfying meals which have become classics. It is often the recognition of quality which satisfies – not the cost.

And it is the combination of sensations which fit the moment. That’s what is important. There are many kinds of sophisticated wines from Marsala, Sicily. Some are expensive, and we appreciate them. But sometimes, we have a taste for a simpler Marsala. Like the draught Marsala from a barrel in a shop in a back street of Alcamo. They sell it by the litre in plastic bottles. And it is cheap. Very cheap. But savour it on a terrace half way up the mountain behind the town, as the sun is going down, while you look out to the sea in the distance, that earthy, simple, yet complex Marsala blends in with the moment.

When you are travelling, it helps if you are introduced to the local highlights of La Dolce Vita by local people. This is your Dolce Visa. On his first trip to soviet Russia, Ken Hyder was in Leningrad. There were difficulties with transport and things were frustrating. Then someone suggested walking up a side street, and up the stairs to on old fashioned building, into a room with wood panelled walls. There was a bar. Which only sold one drink – Russian champagne. It was a Dolce Visa moment.

And many tourists – without local Dolce Visa – visiting Palermo, Sicily, will fail to stumble across the Taverna Azzurra in the ramshackle back streets. The bar itself is small. But its selection of drinks is large and eclectic … Russian vodka …Belgian beer … local wines … grappa … malt whisky … The customers spill out into the narrow cobbled alleyway outside. Each face represents a character. Everyone seems to be highly individual in the way they dress, and move. The conversation is loud and animated. People stroll from group to group, greeting friends. There are fast, instant food stalls.It is like you are in a movie. There are very few bars in the world which generate this vibrant, exuberant atmosphere.



Our project – La Dolce Visa – celebrates these kind of things, these moments, the recognition of the beauties of nature and life itself. Our music is inspired by all of the above – and more.

In the process, we hope you will be introduced to different sources of sweet-life enjoyment to add to your own, personal list of special inspirations..