Theo Scipio


Born in Philadelphia (USA.), studied at the Music Institute of Technology ( BIT ) in Hollywood , California, later studied classical upright bass at the Conservatoire de Annecy, France.

First pro experience,  Miles Davis Jr’s “Merkuri Davis and Clouds”, avant-garde jazz rock fusion- 1976.
Musicians of Sun Ra and Patti Labelle accompanied ” Clouds “on occasional concerts.

Thereafter, joining ex-“Osibisa” member Lofty Amao’s  “Zzebra”, Afro-Rock fusion.
Recorded two LP’s and one single. Robert Bailey-ex-Osibisa later joined Zzebra.

Early 1980’s before leaving the States: 
“Miyajima”, a unique oriental bebop-blues group featuring a Japanese koto, violin, flute and sax. Simultaneously, Scipio co-formed the “Plustones” with ex-“Zzebra” member Kevin Griffin, blending reggae & African rhythms into a pop-rock format.

Arriving in France: 
Sally Nyolo (Zapp Mama), her first hit single: “Semenge” from the soundtrack of “Ashakara”- BMG/France.
NAKA- from Guinea Bissau, W.Africa, title track: “Salvador”- Mango/Island Recs. &  “Le Meilleur de Naka”- Night and Day Distributions/France.
Juao Motta – (guitarist of Angelique Kidjo and Naka), title track: ”Noba de Guinee”- Cela Editions Musicales/France.
Chihuahua – an underground punk rock group,  gave birth to the “Mano Negra”.  Sold over 40,000 records on Epic Recs./CBS. with Lp  “ Nomad Land ”. Chihuahua also formed an alliance with the fame mad-max circus “Archaos”, playing throughout Europe & head-lined Glastonbury’s 1990 Festival.

Noor Shimaal: title track “Oye Opa” group formed by Master Percussionist Dawson Miller (Saleh Benhassine) of the “Trois Mustafas”, Philip Glass, and Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens).
Klub Mundi:  fronted by percussionist Neville Murray (of Jah Wobble).
Back 2 Basics:  Hip Hop, Funk, Rapp, featuring Maxi Jazz (of Faithless).
SFear:  formed by Lofthouse/Scipio/French.
The Dynamix: “We See Us In The Next Future”- Ken Hyder /Jon Dobie/Scipio, on Konnex Recs.
Siberian singer Chyskyyrai  from Yakutia .Cd found at Cat:SOASIS18/P&C2008 SOAS.
RealTime:  Ken Hyder/Andy Knight/Z’EV/Scipio….

Since 2003, touring world-wide with Siberian/Tuvan  group “Yat-Kha”, winners of the 2005 World Music Awards. Of Yat-Kha’s many Cds, Scipio can be heard on “Re-covers” Albert Kuvezin  & Yat-Kha,  and “Live in Europe 2005” on Yat-Kha Recordings, London-2005 Verlag ”plane”GmbH Dortmund,

Scipio’s musical experience has spanned over 40 years of recording, touring/concerts, radio, television and film.

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