A Sicilian an American and a Scot  form this distinctive, fresh-sounding band of individuals from differing and distinctive backgrounds.

The players’ experiences – from jazz, and folk and several popular musics – are hard to identify as they all become merged in the moment. So their performances do not sound jazzy or folky for example, but more like an electronic treatment of the sounds of nature and the bustle of cities.
The Sicilian is guitarist Piero la Rocca.
Piero is an improviser and multi-instrumentalist with a lo-fi noise background. A member of the Sicilian band Oper’azione Nafta, he has also different projects in rock, electronic, free jazz and soundscape. In La Dolce Visa, Piero plays prepared electric guitar, tapes and Chinese bamboo saxophone.
The American, Theo Scipio was raised in Philadelphia (USA.), studied at the Music Institute of Technology ( BIT ) in Hollywood , California / later studied classical upright bass at the Conservatoire de Annecy, France.
His first pro experience, was Miles Davis Jr’s “Merkuri Davis and Clouds”, playing avant-garde fusion
The Scot, Ken Hyder is a long-time kit drummer, but in La Dolce Visa he concentrates on shamanic percussion and voice.
He is a pioneer of folk-jazz making many records with the Celtic fusion band Talisker. He has also recorded and toured with South African, South American, Siberian musicians, and Tibetan Buddhist monks.

Of course the best way to get to know La Dolce Visa is to listen.
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